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WRA is non-political and an entirely voluntary organisation that represents the needs of all local stakeholders, typically residents and businesses in and around the central and eastern areas of Walpole Ward. Our core area includes four major parks, three areas of controlled parking and a mix of owner occupied and rental accommodation. Communication in Ealing has changed significantly over the last few years - more reliance is now placed on websites as the source of information - particularly in relation to Ealing Council. This has resulted in more pressure on local associations like WRA to be a trusted channel of information and action on behalf of its members.

Our Executive Committee shares the key responsibilities of running the Association. They can be contacted, using the form below the list (which helps avoid creating SPAM), in relation to their area of responsibility:

Chair:                                   Ann Chapman

Honorary Treasurer:          John Reid

Membership Secretary:     Diana Maxton

Newsletter Editor:              Tony Williams

Planning:                             Ann or Patrick Chapman

Licensing:                           Ann Chapman

Parks and Environment:   Vivienne Cane-Honeysett

Transport and Roads:       Patrick Chapman

Website Manager:              Patrick Chapman

Please use the form below to contact us by email: